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Magnetic wood frame and art print

445 DKK

Special offer, buy a magnetic woodframe and a art print by Malene Zapffe, only 445,-
Woodframe and art print style by your choice.
Magnetic wood frame, handmade in Denmark. A new elegant design by Malene Zapffe and  Christian Winther Johansen. In dark American cherry wood or light oak. Very easy to change posters and to set up, with a little nail on the wall.  Size: 32 cm fits A3 posters and in a 50 cm size, that fits 50x70 posters.  

Textile designer and illustrator Malene Zapffe is from Copenhagen, Denmark.
In her studio workshop, she creates screen-printed and hand dyed textiles and graphics. She uses both the traditional Japanese Shibori technique by folding and dyeing fabrics by hand - and silkscreen print, with her own drawings and patterns. She has revived the shibori textile art, as well as the classic screen printing technique into a contemporary, Nordic style and create patterns for new unique cushions, bags, wallhangings and art prints, often in blue, grey and green shades, like the sky and the sea.

Special orders and customized pieces are welcome.